Welcome to The Malta Challenge!

It all started in 2010. Milly & Kees, two Dutch friends living in Malta, decided to develop a new game that combined fun with their interest in Maltese history.

During the first year, it was just a game with their Dutch friends and family, but it was such a hit that that they decided to organize a new one the following year. This time around, registration was open for more than just friends and family. The Challenge was growing!

When Milly decided to move back to the Netherlands, Lianne, one of the winners of the Malta Challenge 2012, and a good friend of Milly & Kees, decided to join forces as a dignified replacement for Milly. And so, the Malta Challenge 2.0 was born.

This is the first year that the Malta Challenge will be conducted in English, making it accessible for every nationality!

The next Challenge will be on the 10th of May 2014.
Places are limited, so make sure to book your spot before the 19th of April 2014!

If you miss out on this one, we are already planning another Challenge for next autumn! Make sure to like us on Facebook to stay updated about new dates, teasers & other info.

Do you have questions or want more info?
Send an email to themaltachallenge@gmail.com